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Learning Space Design
Ergonomics & Furniture
Learning Improvements
Facilities Management

Learning Spaces (Building & Design), Monday 9 November 2020

Fiona Young
Learning Spaces (Building & Design)

Designing buildings to enhance pedagogy

Fiona Young, Studio Director, Hayball
Dr Ben Cleveland
Learning Spaces (Building & Design)

Building connections, schools as community hubs

Mark Osborne
Learning Spaces (Building & Design)

Change leadership when implementing innovative learning environments

Mark Osborne, Director, Leading Learning
Wesley Imms
Learning Spaces (Building & Design)

Evidence based learning spaces

Julia Morris
Learning Spaces (Building & Design)

Furniture/engagement, and the role of private companies in supporting research

  • This session will explore partnerships between industry and academics in research
  • It overviews a project that measures the relationships between furniture, student engagement and teacher pedagogy in primary classrooms
  • It focuses on how we set up collaboration between furniture designers, schools and academic researchers to investigate furniture use
Chris Bradbeer
Learning Spaces (Building & Design)

Teacher collaboration in Innovative Learning Environments

Chris Bradbeer, Researcher, University of Melbourne
David Bruce
Learning Spaces (Building & Design)

The Last Frontier – Optimising Property & Facilities Management for Schools

Of interest to business managers, property managers,finance leaders, IT leaders and risk managers hear firsthand how schools are delivering a safer, better maintained and better planned school campuses using the AssetWhere and AssetWhere FM solutions from the Education Horizons Group.School facilities management is more important than ever and yet those responsible for the task often lack the support or systems they require.Learn from the experiences of your peers at this introduction to a more effective way of operating your school facilities.
David Bruce, Managing Director, Omnilink
Kenn Fisher
Learning Spaces (Building & Design)

A model of sustained collaborative development

Kenn Fisher, Honorary Architecture, Building And Planning, University of Melbourne
David Tordoff
Learning Spaces (Building & Design)

Designing Buildings to enhance pedagogy: A case study of the Solais Project at Domremy College, Five Dock, NSW

Sydney Catholic Schools, Domremy College and Hayball have partnered in an exemplar process as part of the creation of new learning spaces at the College.Led by Vivienne Awad and David Tordoff the case study recounts the stories and experiences of an in-depth co-creation process.Set over the last five years this unique learning journey included movie nights, tours, briefing, workshops, research, prototyping and iterative design feedback.The journey ultimately culminates in the creation of a new bespoke learning environment that includes a year 7 & 8 hub and library at the College.
Clare Newton
Learning Spaces (Building & Design)

Vertical schools, working with collaborators to ‘blue-sky’ future directions

Clare Newton, Associate Professor in Learning Environments, University of Melbourne
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Learning Spaces (Building & Design), Tuesday 10 November 2020

Kathleen Donohoe
Learning Spaces (Building & Design)

If the shoe fits... How do I know if it fits? A guide to Post Occupancy Evaluation of learning space..

This presentation will provide an overview of the role of post occupancy, examples of best practice and considerations for designing, undertaking and ‘closing the loop’ on post occupancy evaluation (POE).Kathleen will provide examples of frameworks and propose the principles for undertaking PoE and a framework for designing PoE that incorporates the pedagogical considerations and the outcomes defined during design requirements.
Learning Spaces (Building & Design)

Adapting industry models to suit educational needs,

Rebecca Steffanoni
Learning Spaces (Building & Design)

Using Clean Air Systems to create healthy Learning Spaces by combining powerful airflow and proven disinfection technology to remove airborne pathogens

COVID-19 has created the largest disruption to our education system in history, affecting all schools Australia-wide. Despite the chaos of 2020, this crisis has stimulated a lot of innovation within the education sector, particularly on how we learn, teach and continue to support our educators. Join us as we talk through the application of air disinfection and how Clean Air Systems maximizes the effectiveness of air disinfection where people breathe, providing healthier learning spaces.
Dr Dr Marian Mahat
Learning Spaces (Building & Design)

Be(com)ing an engaged citizen

There is an increasing need for academic research to be more practically relevant, with pleas for greater engagement between researchers and practitioners in a learning community. Featuring policy partners in New South Wales and Queensland Departments of Education, this video presentation discusses how academic-policy collaboration influence effective, engaged scholarship in a multi-disciplinary project involving academics, policy makers and business practitioners.
Dr Dr Marian Mahat, Senior Research Fellow, LEaRN, University of Melbourne
Fiona Young
Learning Spaces (Building & Design)

Affordances: Synchronising pedagogy with place

Fiona Young, Studio Director, Hayball
Dr Ethel Villafranca
Learning Spaces (Building & Design)

Slightly different angle: Pedagogy, learning environments & museums

Dr Ethel Villafranca, Curator and Exhibitions Manager, Museum of Chinese Australian History
Anne Knock
Learning Spaces (Building & Design)

How successful are innovative spaces in transforming learning and teaching?

In this session we will discuss:
  • Learning from the experience of others
  • Understanding the big picture of design
  • Strategic approach for success
Wesley Imms
Learning Spaces (Building & Design)

Development of the ILETC Furniture Typology

Joann Cattlin
Learning Spaces (Building & Design)

Building and maintaining partnerships

Joann Cattlin, Manager, Research Engagement and Impact, Melbourne Law School, The University of Melbourne
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