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International Competitiveness
Student Attraction & Retention

Higher Ed & Tertiary Education, Monday 9 November 2020

Hon Bob Carr
Higher Ed & Tertiary Education

Australian Universities relationship with China

Tania Rhodes-Taylor
Higher Ed & Tertiary Education

Unpacking the growth for Western Sydney

Zohar Cohen
Higher Ed & Tertiary Education

Transforming the Campus Experience with AI

Everyone is talking AI, and it can be difficult to determine what is fact and what is fiction. More importantly it can be challenging to determine the real benefits that AI can bring. But in IT, AI is very real and has been delivering quantifiable benefits for years.While some are just beginning their journey to AI-driven IT, Dartmouth College is on the forefront.In this fireside chat Zohar Cohen, Director of Sales, APAC, Juniper Networks will have a candid conversation with Mitch Davis, CIO of Dartmouth College on how AI is helping him to achieve his vision for the Ivy League University.
Gerd Schroder-Turk
Higher Ed & Tertiary Education

Freedom of speech and Australian Higher Education

Peter Mackey
Higher Ed & Tertiary Education

International student employability: NSW pioneering new ways to connect employers with international students

In this session, we will discuss:
  • How the NSW Government through Study NSW is partnering with the EdTech sector to provide meaningful work-integrated learning opportunities for international students
  • Learn more about projects we have been able to scale in partnership with industry right across the state
last published: 08/Nov/20 22:25

Higher Ed & Tertiary Education, Tuesday 10 November 2020

Michael Sturmey
Higher Ed & Tertiary Education

Moving from Block delivery to remote COVID delivery at Victoria University

Victoria University implemented structural changes to support moving to the block model and revised their curriculum to deliver a more engaging and authentic learning experience for students. Including how Victoria University previously approached assessments and the quick transition to a fully online delivery during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Peter Beven
Higher Ed & Tertiary Education

Meeting the challenges of the ‘workforce of the future’ provides significant challenges for universities

Robert Petherbridge
Higher Ed & Tertiary Education

Keeping Australia’s workforce in front of global megatrends

  • Look at the key drivers of occupational change.
  • Talk to the important role of vocational education in meeting occupational change and the new products and services required to do this.
  • Explain what the Queensland Future Skills Partnership is doing to develop new micro-credentials, Skillsets and accredited qualifications in Autonomous Technologies to prepare workforces of the future.
Elizabeth Johnson
Higher Ed & Tertiary Education

The online student experience

Deakin University is a multi-modal educator offering premium online and on-campus learning. Our insights from the COVID-19 pandemic re-focus our curriculum renewal and recommend:
  • Invest in managing student expectations and build confidence with familiar tools.. Choose reliable technologies or treat any new learning experience as a shared trial.
  • Practical learning can and should be multi-modal. Choose the format that best fits the intended learning outcomes and maximises student access to learning. Don’t assume that on-campus is always better than online or vice versa.
  • Prepare students to work together. Give them tools and strategies to collaborate online and build their skills. Make good use of the strengths of online in managing information and workflow, and offer multi-modal interactions with either synchronous or asynchronous modes so groups can find the most effective approach.
Kim Flintoff
Higher Ed & Tertiary Education

Facing the Future as a Learner

last published: 08/Nov/20 22:25