Expo Main Stage - Day One


The NSIP Interoperability Challenge 2018

The theme of the 2018 Interoperability Challenge is Learner Centric Data Management.

System solution providers will present to a panel of education CIOs ways they have identified how critical information about the student could be made available in the context of learning and decision-making to support optimal learning outcomes.
Wes Sonnenreich

Emerging trends in student engagement through innovative platforms

The modern student is expecting to engage in their education differently.  They are expecting education institutions and providers to provide innovative communication tools, pedagogy and collaboration platforms.  The panel will discuss the emerging trends in engaging students:
  • The global trends being seen and how Australia is responding
  • Is Australia leading or following these trends?
  • Is there a connection between engagement and the platform?
  • What the big lessons to consider with introducing an innovative platform?
David De Carvalho

A fresh look at curriculum for the 21st century

  • Think about the challenges and opportunities of designing and delivering a curriculum that is fit for the future
  • Hear how the NSW Education Standards Authority is approaching this task
  • Consider what we can do to ensure education is equipping students to contribute to society in the 21st century
John Bailey

Telling educational stories on Google Earth

Dr Melissa Langdon

Why we need disruption to close gender gaps

Over the last year, world headlines have been dominated by gender issues and inequities. Schools and universities have important parts to play in closing gender gaps. We know that attitudes about gender roles and behaviours start early on, and that teachers and lecturers can be powerful role models and influencers. They should develop and reward learner attributes such as disruptive thinking, courageous leadership, empathetic communications, personal accountability and resilience in seeking to address and close gender gaps. This paper will explore how teachers, academics, and executive leaders can be courageous — even disruptive — in championing for change.
Shelley Hill

Parent engagement programs

Presentation and panel discussion hosted by Shelley Hill, President of the Australian Parents Council.
Panel discussion
Panel discussion

NAPLAN Online from a parent perspective

Presentation by Dr Stanley Rabinowitz, General Manager Assessment and Reporting, ACARA; and panel discussion hosted by Shelley Hill.

Networking drinks

Kick back, relax, and enjoy some nibbles, games, and bubbly or a beer.
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Expo Main Stage - Day Two

Mutinta Nanongwe

Students' perspective on a STEM focussed P-TECH program

  • Hear Principal interview two students on their first-year experiences with Cecil Andrews College's P-TECH pilot program
  • See how students directly engaged with companies and how this helped students to better understand the relevance of their learning
  • Understand this global innovation, STEM-focussed model
Bill Cohen

Don't teach games - teach game design

  • Discover a fast-paced, custom-designed elective that smashes together collaboration, creativity, communication and critical thinking - LOUDLY!
  • Learn about the design principles and psychology underlying everything from high-budget video games to card games and outdoor games
  • Explore the ways game design and gamified thinking can help your students (and your staff!) understand the world around them
Brennon Dowrick

Building success on strong foundations

  • Teamwork: everything is better when you have support and Leadership
  • Foundations: Success builds on strong foundations and it’s never too late to focus on quality training
  • Brennon’s lifelong secret to success
Michael Milford

Hijacking and embedding STEM in everyday entertainment

  • Discover the wealth of curriculum-linkable STEM content you get for free from Hollywood, Harry Potter, and Minecraft
  • See how to cost- and time-effectively develop physical props and activities that tap into students’ ongoing connection to entertainment
  • Bootstrap your own development by learning from examples of success and failure in embedding STEM education in everyday entertainment
Panel discussion

Education on the couch - a conversation with Prof. Stephen Heppell & Dr. Gary Stager

Two edtech pioneers separated by a common language

Listen in on a freewheeling conversation between two accomplished educators, Prof. Stephen Heppell (US) and Gary Stager, as they discuss the current state of education, the role of technology in shaping our future, and lessons learned over decades of experience shaping classroom practice. Amidst the serious dialogue, hilarity will inevitably ensue!

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