During the breakout session delegates split into smaller groups where they have the option to attend interactive and in-depth seminars on a wide variety of subject matters. Delegates pre-select breakout sessions ahead of the event so they cover the issues and topics that matter most to them.


Thursday 6 June 2019
11:30 - 1:00


3x30 minute Seminar


Creating a culture of innovation: lessons from Google

Aileen Apolo, Program Manager, Google for Education
Chris Betcher, Program Manager, Google for Education

At Google, innovation has been at the heart of our culture since our founders first started the company in a garage in Silicon Valley. Since then, we've invested time and resources into creating and sustaining a culture of innovation. And while every organisation has to be true to its own cultural DNA, we hope that some of these principles and ideas will be useful to school leaders who want to more fully incorporate innovation into their cultures.

After all, the culture of a school or region can either encourage beneficial change, or it can get in the way. A culture of innovation helps employees embrace opportunities inherent in change and learn from the successes and failures along the way. It can also help educators respond to the challenges of preparing students for success in a rapidly changing world.

In this session you'll learn about a few key practices at Google and how these practices can be adapted for schools and educational institutions of all sizes.


School executive team, senior managers, ICT managers and directors


3x30 minute Seminar


Digital Creativity throughout the Curriculum with Adobe

Dr Tim Kitchen, Senior Education Specialist, Adobe, APAC

Traditionally, Adobe software has been seen by educators as very high-end, professional applications used by the multimedia and print industry. Over the past five years, Adobe has been adding a wide range of low-end, very simple digital creativity applications such as the Adobe Spark tools and a number of mobile apps that are ideal for Primary & Secondary teachers who are looking for creative ways to enhance teaching and learning. Most schools in ANZ have access to this amazing software and this session (hosted by Dr Tim Kitchen as well as Aussie Adobe Education Leaders) will share how these tools are being used in classrooms around the globe to enhance creativity and engagement in most areas of the K12 & Higher Ed Curriculum.


School senior management and executive team


3x30 minute Seminar


The Inclusive Classroom

Troy Waller, Microsoft Learning Delivery & Accessibility Specialist

Join this seminar to learn how you can address a diversity of needs and provide personalised learning to empower every student in your classroom.

Attendees at this workshop will:

  • Learn how to create an accessible and personalised experience for your students in Windows 10 and Office 365;
  • Experience the tools and apps available (like Immersive Reader) to create accessible content and improve reading comprehension and writing;
  • Understand how students can demonstrate their understanding using inputs other than keyboarding and text.


K-12 School teachers and leaders who want to unlock the potential of all their students.


3x30 minute Seminar


The Fourth Industrial Revolution, Emerging Technologies and the Impact on your Learning Environment

Hassan Baickdeli  Head of Emerging Technology & Solutions A/NZ, Lenovo Australia & New Zealand

We are now in the early stages of what people are calling the “Fourth Industrial Revolution”, an ever evolving era that profoundly combines the digital, physical and biological systems in a way never seen before. Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence and robotics are changing the way that we live and work and the rapid pace of change is disrupting nearly every industry across the globe.

Join Lenovo for insight into some of the technologies, solutions and platforms that are enabling this change as well as examples where Lenovo has been working to enable Digital Transformation in the learning environments.


School leaders and executive team


3x30 minute Seminar


Designing Schools for the Development of Transversal Skills

Daniel Smith, Director, Leaf Architecture
Bryan Dean, Space Futurist, Norvanivel

In this age of exponential innovation, it is imperative for learners move beyond basic funds of knowledge to develop crucial new skillsets. Known as the Transversal Skills, this curriculum develops executive functioning; accounts for learner variability; and promotes learner autonomy – but most successfully if delivered in an inclusive and engaging environment. In this session, you will learn more about:

  • Design principles that facilitate successful learning outcomes for a future-focused curriculum
  • Real-life implementations of these design principles
  • How you can positively impact the design process in your school


Business managers, executive team, architects, designers


Thursday 6 June 2019
1:30 - 3:00


3x30 minute Seminar


VEX Robotics implementation

Lael Grant, Robotics Coordinator and his team from Barker College (Dave Frazer and Kathy Haigh)

Join this seminar to find out how Barker College has implemented VEX Robotics into their curriculum and extra-curricular activities from middle through secondary years.

Please join Lael and his team as they share their successes (including tips and practical advice) with implementing various Robotic platforms into the classroom. Free resources and curriculum will be made available. Find out how Barker College uses VEX IQ in the Junior School Curriculum, as well as the more intensive co-curricular program running two afternoons per week with 20 kids. Learn from Dave Frazer as he explains how he uses VEX IQ to prepare his students for the next platform, VEX V5. Then hear from Kathy Haigh with details about their participation with the secondary school platform in class, after school and also competing at the “Nationals” this past year. Plus, if you’re curious to learn even more, then come meet the VEX team at Booth 821. Barker College also have everything in action twice a week. If you wanted to take a look, come by and make a time!


School teachers and Principals from middle through secondary years


3x30 minute Seminar


Protect What Matters with Microsoft Azure

Peter Manoukian, Microsoft Education Solution Specialist

“Protect What Matters Most with Microsoft Azure”

More than 70% of on-premise workloads today run Windows Server & over 50% of deployed SQL Server is 2008 or 2008 R2 or older.

Azure: Helping Education secure precious data, enhance application performance and remain on supported platforms.


School ICT Managers


3x30 minute Seminar


How automation, orchestration and proactive user experience insight is delivering the best IT networks in Education

Mark Verbloot, Director of Systems Engineering, Asia Pacific Japan for Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Company

Delivering an immersive digital learning environment places high demands on your IT networking infrastructure. The traditional approach of reactive troubleshooting, manual access control and piecemeal configuration is no longer viable. Today’s top performing IT teams leverage automation, orchestration and proactive user experience insights to provide a high-performance, secure digital learning environment. Hear from Aruba’s APJ Director of Systems Engineering as he introduces User Experience Insights, and how this simple, intuitive technology is being applied in Education, including ensuring NAPLAN readiness.


School ICT staff


Friday 7 June 2019
11:30 - 1:00


60 minute Seminar


Preparing Tomorrow’s Cloud Workforce Today

Student readiness for future careers and entrepreneurialism rely on their ability to understand and leverage cloud computing technologies and advanced concepts such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Big Data Analytics. Whilst these are advanced concepts they can easily be taught at a level and context relevant for K-12 learners.

Teachers will be provided information about free cloud literacy learning resources that can be used in the classroom to facilitate active teaching and learning activities to inspire tomorrow future cloud workforce.

Felix will share a quick workshop for teachers to do in the classroom to help students explore real world uses for voice enabled technologies. No prior experience with Alexa needed!


School leaders, teachers and Principals


90 minute Workshop


Playful hands-on STEAM learning with LEGO Education

Prof. Chris Rogers, Dept Of Mechanical Engineering, Tufts University (USA)

Places at this workshop are limited and will sell out fast. Join now to get familiar with LEGO bricks, software, teaching guide and lesson plans

  • Accelerate STEAM learning with LEGO Education hands-on solutions
  • Learn how to engage your students with playful learning tools around STEAM!

LEGO® Education offers hands-on experiences that stimulate communication, creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking skills — so that students can succeed in their STEAM classes today and realize their full potential as digital citizens and leaders tomorrow.


School teachers and principals – Years 5-8


3 x 30 minute Seminar


How feedback enhances learning and engagement

Dr. Jaclyn Broadbent, Associate Head of School (Teaching & Learning), Deakin University

What strategies can I implement for assessment and feedback and why this will enhance learning and engagement with my students


Higher education leaders


3x30 minute Seminar


Producing educational video content for Australian school students

Edwina Baden-Powell, Head of Production, ClickView

Join Australia’s leading educational video producer, Edwina Baden-Powell, as she shares her insights into what it takes to write, create and produce a diverse slate of video content that meets the needs of the curricula, and engages students of all learning levels at the same time


School leaders, teachers and Principals


3x30 minute Seminar


Teaching and Learning #BeyondCode with Sphero

Ryan Burnett , Product Manager, Sphero
Jeremy Macdonald , Education Content & Training Manager, Sphero

Come see what’s new with Sphero in 2019! As we do every year, look for a big announcement from Sphero at EduTECH. Our session will cover a 2018 recap and introduce a brand new coding program for 2019. And yes, there’s a new robot too!




45 minute Seminar


Educational Fantasy League: Building a Data-Driven School Workforce

Fleur Johnston, CEO, PeopleBench Australia

Mike Hennessy, Insights Officer, PeopleBench Australia

The education sector is blessed with a wealth of data, yet most schools have yet to realise the power of their data to make informed decisions about the shape of their workforce: How much turnover is not enough? How much is too much? Is there a tangible benefit to encouraging more teachers to undertake postgraduate degrees? For many school leaders the answers to these questions rely on intuition and anecdotes, but this doesn’t need to be the case. In this session we’ll explore our research on workforce analytics in the education setting and demonstrate – through an interactive game – how data can help us build the best possible school workforce and achieve the best possible outcomes for students.


School leaders, teachers and Principals