EduTECH Asia: At the Crossroads: Education vs. Technology


Preparing Students for the Digital Economy


Reinvent Learning: Building the Classroom of the Future


How can design thinking transform practice, space and culture


Rethinking timetables in the interdisciplinary approach - vignettes of practice


Beyond 3D printers: defining and building the best makerspace for your institution


What is the impact of physical space design on student engagement?


Mapping the new skill sets for teachers in a blended environment


Going beyond ‘flipping the classroom’ to ‘flipping the school’


Defending creativity in the tech powered teaching environment


Fostering the next generation makers


Education Next – Leveraging digital technology to increase overall school efficiency


‘Fast Flip’ and the death of lecture style learning


An end to heterogeneous grouping: how personalisation will transform the way we structure classes


The mobile-first classroom:why a one-to-one device model is essential

How can blended learning enable personalised education?


Harnessing the latest immersive computing technology for inclusive and active learning

Why “test” is not a four-letter-word


Continuous assessment vs final examination - assessing the impact of new testing strategies

Levelling the playing field: classroom technology for all


Aligning pedagogy with pupils - are we using technology effectively in Classrooms?


Encouraging Entrepreneurship: EdTech in the Developing World: Embracing the good and overcoming the really hard stuff


Makerspaces as the catalyst for independent thinking and growth mindsets



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