Doug Thomas | Principal
Claremont College | Australia

Doug Thomas, Principal, Claremont College

Doug is Principal of Claremont College, an Anglican co-educational primary school in Randwick, Sydney where he has been the Principal for 10 years. Claremont College is recognised for its educational excellence and innovation. The school’s classroom design and refurbishment project has received a number of architectural awards. Claremont College is receiving world-wide attention for the implementation of an innovative co-teaching and inclusive learning support model which is linked to a published school based research project. Educators from around the country, and further afield, regularly visit Claremont College to learn and see the teaching and learning in action. Doug’s passions and interests include; creating an inclusive, vibrant and positive school culture, supporting and promoting teacher professional learning, developing global connections, prioritising student voice and resilience, as well as developing many parenting programs. Doug travels every year to Mumbai and North India where he trains teachers in slum schools, assisting them with their teaching and developing various school programs and community projects. He and his family have set up a charity project and they have now started 6 very small schools in remote and impoverished places where children would otherwise, not receive an education or a healthy meal.


EduTECH Asia 2017 - Day One @ 14:10

Assessing the hallmarks of outstanding 21st Century K-12 Leaders

  • In your opinion, what are identifiable characteristics of outstanding 21st Century K-12 Leaders?​
  • What professional practices are 21st Leaders engaged in?​
  •  ​Let's be honest, leadership does not have the best reputation for being at the forefront of innovation.  How do you bridge this gap?  
  • ​How do you exhibit these qualities in your community?​
  • How do you encourage and/or identify upcoming 21st Century Leaders in your institution?​

EduTECH Asia 2017 - Day One @ 15:50

Challenging traditional assumptions and rethinking learning spaces

  • Transforming the school to modern open and flexible learning spaces with existing resources
  • Implementing a rigorous, highly strategic model of differentiation, learning support and collaborative teaching.
  • Planning and managing within the constraints of  old infrastructure
  • Success of co-teaching within our new spaces.

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