Derek Bartels | Director of Innovation and Technology
Lutheran Education Queensland | Australia

Derek Bartels, Director of Innovation and Technology, Lutheran Education Queensland

Derek was recently awarded by Australia’s Educator Magazine as being in the top 40 Innovative Educational Leaders ‘Hot List’ in Australia for 2016 Derek Bartels has held state and national positions within a variety of Education Systems in Australia over the last 32 years. He is currently the Director of Innovation & Technology for Lutheran Education Qld comprising of 26 Schools and 62 Early Learning Centres. His Leadership in Innovation & Technology across many sectors has provided him with much insight and he is still passionate about transforming models of education and enabling agile learning across K-12 through collaboration, leadership and innovation. He sits on numerous educational committees and boards around Australia presents at numerous local state, national and international conferences. Derek’s current focus includes enabling educational leadersacross schools to transform their culture to enable agile mindsets, agile environments and agile technologies to provide relevant and meaningful contemporary learning communities.


EduTECH Asia 2017 - Day One @ 13:50

Agile Learning Spaces

  • Agile Classroom Spaces needed in today’s world
  • Development of Soft Skill for a contemporary world  
  • What does Agile Classrooms with Agile Technologies look like?
  • PBL with the above prepares students for today’s world  

EduTECH Asia 2017 - Day One @ 14:10

Creating policy for BYOD: What, why and how

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