Aaron Moniz | Futures Academy (FA) Grade 7 Team Leader
International School of Beijing | China

Aaron Moniz, Futures Academy (FA) Grade 7 Team Leader, International School of Beijing

Aaron Moniz is the Futures Academy (FA) Grade 7 Team Leader as well as the FA Learning Support and EAL teacher at the International School of Beijing. As a learning support teacher, he strives to reach all learners and push them towards achieving their independent potentials, whether a diagnosed learning challenge or an identified need for enrichment and extension. Himself a third culture kid and now a global citizen, Aaron feels that it is essential to educate students as global-minded citizens, having positive interactions and impacts on all people that live in our increasingly globalized worlds, especially in middle school. 

His belief that education needs to be pungent, relevant, authentic, and engaging has resulted in developing students to discover their innate potential to manipulate the world in impactful ways.  His passion led him co-create both the Occupy Middle School collective and the Futures Public Radio project.


EduTECH Asia 2017 - On-Floor Theatres Day One @ 11:00

Futures Public Radio: Student-Led Journalism Start-Up

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