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RoyalABC is a complete English language teaching, 21st century skills and growth mindset solution for kindergartens. With its blended learning programme, RoyalABC gives students the very best international education, competitively preparing them for primary school. It provides teachers and parents with the curriculum, content, tools and support to teach children British English and skills for the 21st century through dynamic, engaged learning.


The intuitive Teacher Platform and classroom support materials provide everything teachers need to deliver world-class British English lessons with the confidence of a native speaker. The included teacher guides, lessons and activities removes the hours of time spent doing administrative tasks, finding appropriate quality content and planning lessons, thus enabling teachers to focus on what they do best - inspiring children through dynamic, engaged learning.

The unique play-based student APP - RoyalABC World - offers engaging content that extends and reinforces the classroom learning experience to the home. It introduces children to a positive and learner centred world, motivating them to learn while fostering their development of social and emotional skills through growth mindset principles (the idea that intelligence and ability can grow and develop through hard work and effort).




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