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Bring peace to your working- and living environments!

Today our work- and living environments are infested with an uninvited guest, noise.

According to WHO (World Health Organization) excessive noise harms human health and interferes with people’s daily activities at school, work, home and leisure time. Noise can disturb sleep, reduce performance and provoke annoyance responses and changes in social behavior. Noise distractions may have lifelong impact on children’s early development and to their study results.

Think of noisy cafes and restaurants. We absorb the noise out of your environments. Our products offer best in class sound absorption, the material absorbs noise clearly better than traditional absorbents. With our products you create positively contributing circumstances for health and invest in your children´s future.

Our products are contemporary Scandinavian Design for decorating and creating aesthetically pleasing, personal spaces and offering attractive and educative designs for the children.

By choosing Yeseco products you take an action to resist climate change and choose sustainability. Our products are ecological consisting 80% of already recycled fibers.

Where there are children there is also happy noise.  

The happy sounds of children playing and learning can, however, easily become too loud, affecting concentration and increasing fatigue. Yeseco’s acoustic products improve the acoustic environment, making the space feel much more comfortable. At the same time our products are visually pleasing interior design elements. Our range includes products suitable for many different kinds of spaces. Acoustic solutions can be seamlessly incorporated without compromising the style of the space. There are inspiringly many possibilities!

Good acoustic properties make a space more comfortable and functional. A pleasant sonic environment is an important factor in wellbeing, health and comfort for adults and children alike. In a good acoustic environment speech can be heard easily and one doesn’t have to raise one’s voice to be heard. Studies show that a noise-free environment improves attentiveness and concentration. Products in our Daycare and School ranges have been specifically designed to address the acoustic needs of learning environments.

Yeseco product range for Daycare and Schools

“The Story-telling corner” range is used to create a visually attractive design, at the same time separating part of the space into a comfortable area for story-telling, singing or teaching. It consists of wall-mounted upholstered interior panels which number, layout and color scheme is chosen to suit the style and requirements of the space.

A set of Oppila panels brings the basic elements of learning for daycare and preschool-aged children into a space in a fun, colourful way while effectively improving the acoustic environment. Oppila features all the letters of the requested alphabets and numbers 1-10, as well as vibrant colours. Oppila is also ideal for spaces where wall space is limited, as the panels can be hung from the ceiling.

The fun shapes in the Leikkilä range add character to a space, bringing familiar figures from stories, nursery rhymes and songs into the children’s environment. The tranquil colours and soft shapes make the panels suitable for different spaces. The characters can be suspended from the ceiling or hung on the wall, maybe above a table or the story-telling corner: wherever is the most effective place, wherever there is playing and noise!

Yeseco screens and clouds are effective at absorbing and attenuating noise and ideal for partitioning part of a larger area for work or play or bringing extra peace and privacy for special students at school or privacy for any open plan office.

Yeseco also offers custom acoustic panels, featuring an image of your choice printed onto panel’s natural fibre surface or onto fabric. We also offer range of wall and ceiling panels that are ideal for a space that needs a subtle acoustic solution.  

We are continuously developing our products and creating new products to meet our customers’ needs. Find out about our entire range online at


Sustainability is a driving factor in our business. Our acoustic products are made using natural fibres and recycled materials. Our products are ecological to manufacture and safe to use.


The acoustic effectiveness of our products is first-rate. The natural and recycled materials in our products make them ecological and fire-safe, and they fulfil the inside air quality requirements. Product surface materials are durable and long-lasting.  

Because the products can withstand being touched, they can be placed wherever they are most effective.  They are also attractive, well designed interior design elements. This means it is possible to install them in the most acoustically effective place, often near the sound source and at the height that noise emanates from.  

Short information of Yeseco company

We are Scandinavian Design and manufacturing company of ecological acoustic products since 2009. Our factory is located in Sastamala, Finland.

Our vision is to become global supplier of decorative acoustic products for Day Care, Schools, Kid’s play rooms, and a recognized supplier of Design acoustics for Offices and Public places.  

Our CEO has 28 year’s R&D and project management experience at Nokia; our chairman of the board has 40 years sales experience as an entrepreneur in manufacturing industry; and our team has experience in school teaching, somatic and mental health, materials and construction industry.

Yeseco is mainly looking Local Distributor who has catalogue of products and has already established distribution network to Day Care and Schools and has network of interior designers targeting the premium market with a good network and advise on the Distributor brands.  




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