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JULES Corporation Pte Ltd (“JULES”) is a home-grown, Singapore Social-Enterprise and award-winning global software Education Technology (“EdTech”) company, with a mission to prepare our children for the jobs of the future. JULES comprises a passionate  founding team and global group of advisors from experienced entrepreneurs, Singapore Government scholars, venture capitalist, leading education academia, EdTech professionals hailing from Harvard, Cambridge, Stanford, MIT and LSE.

The world we live in is changing rapidly with advanced technologies such as A.I., Machine-learning and Robotics; but our education system has remained largely unchanged. For the first time in history, we do not know what to teach our children. The jobs of today will disappear and be replaced by new jobs that do not exist today.

To meet this urgent need, JULES has taken a different approach to education.  We equip our children with thinking skills: to create, to analyze and to problem-solve – developing the most important asset for success in the 21st century, their own nimble, creative minds. We teach them at the youngest age, where the impact to their cognitive development is maximized (i.e. between ages of 4 to 8 years old); so that they will have a strong foundation to meet the ever-changing needs of the future – regardless of their prevailing educational system.

Our first solution is the World’s 1st Proprietary “School of Fish (“SoF”)” – Digital Literacy B2B Curriculum focused on Computational Thinking skills for Preschoolers. Developed after 2 years of extensive R&D by our global team of experts of early childhood educators, world-class game designers, animators, pediatric neuropsychologist and digital technologists; and further trialed at kindergartens for active engagement and feedback from pre-schools, teachers, parents and children.   

“School of Fish” has received recognition globally and was identified as an “innovative curriculum” by respected US EdTech NMC/CoSN 2017 Report and recently won an award under the category of Gaming, Simulation and Immersive Learning at the prestigious 2019 IMS Global Learning Impact Award. The solution has also been selected by UNICEF to partner with Vietnam’s Ministry of Education to roll-out to preschools there.

 “School of Fish” is currently being deployed across preschools in Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, HK, Taiwan and China; with over 50,000 hours of lessons taught, over 5,000 kids enrolled, and more than 150 teachers trained in over 100 preschools. We hope to impact more than 10 million children over the next five years.

JULES’ goal and strategy will be to build a holistic Early Learning platform “JULESZONE” - an all-in-one APP for children, parents, teachers and schools (B2C, B2B and B2G), anchored by the four pillars of (1) Curated Gamified Content (CGC) (2) Proprietary Content Rating system (PCR) (3) Adaptive Learning Engine (ALE) (4)Personalised AI Learning Companion (PAL) - bringing together “best-in-class” global content focused on the learning of  21st Century skills.  Learning metrics will be provided to parents and teachers based on a “Early Childhood Skills Framework” developed by a team from Stanford University.




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