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Imageminds Creative Education programs have been designed as an incredible system to enhance the creative thinking of the children, for them to groom as innovators in any field they choose to work in the future.

Mr Kumar – Founder & CEO, Image Infotainment Limited a Visionary educationist founded this organization and designed this program to have art as the medium and build a range of quality programs to enable children to self explore and experience a creative discovery of one self. Imageminds gives the forum for children to colorfully express what they're thinking as they discover, explore and dream. It also opens up a whole new world of artistic opportunities that most children of today are not exposed to. We offer Imageminds programs by collaborating with schools to set up Creative and Digital labs with industry-standard equipment for the children to try hands on their creative exploration. From class 1 onwards, students are introduced to various aspects of art like drawing and painting, moving further to digital design, typography and software. In later years, students are also introduced to courses like fashion design, photography, videography, clay sculpting, animation, app development and gaming. Imageminds addresses the needs of all types of learners, including Audio, Visual and Tactile; and triggers the abilities of all students irrespective of their IQ and interests.

The Creative Labs of Imageminds are designed out of two classrooms provided by the associated school. It comprises of four studio spaces: Digital Studio, Design Studio, Audio Studio and Visual Effects Studio. The creative Learning Space of Imageminds that comes with exceptional equipments and digital space, and thoughtful design triggers the creative thinking of students.

While the conventional delivery of education limits itself to teacher lecturing factual knowledge and students playing a passive role, Imageminds opens up numerous possibilities for students to explore their ideas. Its key objective is to provide students the ‘freedom of exploration’ that enables students to practice ‘creative thinking’ right from the young age.

Imageminds aims at inducing creative thinking in children and guiding them to streamline their thoughts towards creating a best output. The curriculum has been researched and crafted by our R & D Team headed by CEO to help students stimulate their cognition, improve their analytical thinking and improve their retention of knowledge. The curriculum is also custom-made to suit the needs of each school depending on the board and medium of instruction. The program provides a systematic process, expert faculty, excellent infrastructure and a strong curriculum for each class.

IMAGE Group is the pioneer of creative education in India. The group comprises of Image Creative Education (established in 1996) offering skill training programs through 33 centres across India and corporate training programs; ICAT Design and Media College (since 2004) offering full-time UG, PG and PG Diploma programs in creative streams through 3 campuses in South India; and Image Infotainment Limited (since 1998) offering design and digital media content development services.




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