Robotics Pavilion

The EduTech Asia CoSpace Robot Challenge 2017 will consist of three sub-pavilions: Experience, Envision, and Endeavour. Through this challenge, both children and adults will be able to witness the vast potential of robotics and coding education.

Robotics Pavilion at EduTECH Asia

1. Experience

The purpose of the Experience pavilion is to provide visitors with first-hand experience of the RMA’s approach to robotics education. The mini-workshops are suitable for everyone; no experience with robotics or programming is needed.

Robotics Pavilion at EduTECH Asia

2. Envision 

The Envision pavilion will be a showcase of the RMA’s history, technology and ongoing development. It will contain a mix of interactive and non-interactive exhibits; RMA staff and students will be on hand to guide visitors. In this pavilion, visitors will be able to see a broad range of educational robotics applications and programmes, ranging from classroom-tested learning programmes to the very latest cutting-edge material.

RoboCup at EduTECH Asia

3. Endeavour

In the Endeavour pavilion, we will be hosting a very special event. As part of the 5th Singapore National CoSpace and RoboMaker Challenges 2017, robotics teams from Singapore and overseas will be competing in the following CoSpace Challenges

  • RoboCup Asia-Pacific CoSpace Grand Prix Challenge
  • RoboCup CoSpace Rescue Challenge
  • RoboCup Asia-Pacific CoSpace Logistics Challenge
  • CoSpace OnStage Challenge

RoboCup at EduTECH Asia

About Robotics & Maker Academy (RMA)

The Robotics & Maker Academy (RMA) represents a three-year collaboration between IMDA, and Singapore Polytechnic (SP). The RMA programme aims to develop students’ confidence with coding and robotics technology, so as to prepare them for an ever-evolving Smart Nation future. Since its inception, the RMA has grown beyond initial expectations. To date, the programmehas benefited more than 20,000 students in over 70 schools in Singapore. In addition, the RMA has recently branched out into the field of working adult education in collaboration with e2i, the Employment and Employability Institute of Singapore.




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