Zeyou Shen | Director, Marketing Division
China Southern Airlines

Zeyou Shen, Director, Marketing Division, China Southern Airlines

Mr. Shen Zeyou, Senior Economist, Director of Marketing Research Department, Marketing Division of China Southern Airlines. Mr. Shen has been working in China's civil aviation industry for more than 20 years. He previously served as director of strategic planning & investment division in charge of strategic planning. Mr. Shen has a rich experience in marketing research, business analysis and strategic planning in the aviation industry. He now leads the aviation marketing research in China Southern Airlines.


Day One @ 17:40

China’s aviation: Reaching new heights (Chinese-English simultaneous translation)

China begins to show its scale as its airlines go international. The country is set to overtake the U.S. to become the world’s largest aviation market by passengers by 2024 as more people take to the skies domestically and internationally. The number of people flying to, from and within China will almost double to 927 million annually by 2025 and reach 1.3 billion by 2035. Its three big airline groups are increasing their international focus. International airlines are increasing partnerships with Chinese airlines and routes to China. And that’s to say nothing of its domestic growth potential. Quite simply, China is emerging as an international force provoking new market place conditions. Join us as we explore what this means for the air travel industry in APAC and globally, and how we should plan ahead on partnerships, market development and customer strategies.
简介: 近年来中国航空业已经从内地拓展到各个海外市场。 研究显示中航业潜能将在不久的将来跨越美国,为全球在国内外最强大的玩家。 专家也估计乘搭中航各个航空服务的人数将于2025年后激增到目前的双倍人数 (约每年92.7万人), 而在2035年后更会增达到130万人。此小组特约各航空领导,专业分析家和政治机构代表来发表珍贵的意见,并探讨如何借由此优越国际形势来培养有益于各个方位的合作关系,进一步促进中航业在全球的影响力。

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