Vijay Lama | Senior Advisor
Northern Light Academy of Aviation and Technology (NAAT)

Vijay Lama, Senior Advisor, Northern Light Academy of Aviation and Technology (NAAT)

Capt. Vijay Lama has served the Nepalese skies for 30 years. He flies Airbus A320 as a senior captain for Nepal Airlines. He is also a line training captain and type rated training instructor for Airbus fleet. He is a flight instructor, has appeared in the Hollywood movie "Everest" in the role of a rescue pilot released in 2015. In 2010, he also appeared in the History Channel documentary ‘Worlds most extreme airports’ as a demonstrator and narrator. At present working in the capacity of Dy Director for Flight operation International for Nepal Airlines. Resource Management Instructor and previously worked as a Designated Check Pilot for DHC 6 fleet for CAAN. Besides aviation, he takes a keen interest in music and has composed various songs and music. He has played various roles in Nepalese movies, has hosted TV programs like ‘Black and White’. He is the chairman of charitable organization ‘Nyanopan’, he is a highly sought after motivational speaker for youth and women empowerment.


Airline University - Day One @ 12:00

Entering new market: A case study of Nepal’s aviation industry

Entering a new market can be an exciting and also aching experience due to both the opportunities and risks involved. This presentation will give an example of a market analysis, what makes it a great destination and what challenges for internal and external parties (e.g. airlines, airports, air travel partners) to break through.

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