Stephen Wang | Chairman
Spring Airlines

Stephen Wang, Chairman, Spring Airlines

Stephen has served as chairman of Spring Airlines since 2017.   Prior to holding that position, Stephen was Spring Airlines’ Vice President - Business Development from 2008.  Since that time, Stephen has devoted his energies to exploring new avenues for growth in the Chinese domestic market, while paving the way for international expansion.  In addition to being China’s first, low-cost carrier, in 2010 Spring became the first, private Chinese airline to be granted an international operating license.   Stephen continues to be instrumental in searching for new strategic partners in the aviation, travel, and technology sectors that can assist Spring in its efforts to become one of dominant players in the dynamic and highly competitive North Asia region.

Prior to joining Spring, Stephen worked in the US for Roland Berger Strategy Consultants, Bearing Point Management & Technology Consultants, and Hewitt Associates.  He holds a MSc (Economics) and an MBA from Southern Illinois University.


Day Two @ 09:00

Keynote Interviews & LCC Leaders Panel: Where do we go from here?

Join us for a series of exclusive interviews, where leaders of major LCCs outline what it takes to succeed in the ultra-competitive low-cost market, how they are innovating their offering to stay ahead of the competition and their perspectives on how low-cost travel sector will evolve in the near and long-term.
09:00-09:15: Interview 1
09:15-09:30: Interview 2
09:30-09:45: Interview 3
09:45-10:00: Interview 4

10:00-10:40: Panel
The Asian LCC industry is changing rapidly. Everyday airlines are announcing new routes, ordering new aircrafts, offering new discounts and introducing new products and services. LCC leaders will join us in this panel to share how they keep up with the challenges facing low-cost travel in Asia and beyond, and what opportunities they are acting upon. Some of the issues they will address include:
  • How did the market change in 2017? What is the outlook for 2018 and beyond?
  • How can we overcome the critical challenges of overcapacity, weak profitability, pilot shortages, safety concerns and liberalisation? What do the LCCs have in store next?
  • How significant will the impact of long haul LCCs become?
  • Will business travellers and corporates find LCCs more attractive in future?
  • What are the opportunities for LCC alliances, and is there a real appetite for them? Are we heading for a period of consolidation?
  • Where are the biggest new revenue generation opportunities for LCCs?

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