Sirinun Jiradilok | Managing Director, Information Technology, and Payment Solutions
Nok Air | Thailand

Sirinun Jiradilok, Managing Director, Information Technology, and Payment Solutions, Nok Air

Managing Director Sirinun Jiradilok leads the 35 IT and Payment Solutions team. In this role, Sirinun has overall responsibility for the team's accomplishment in IT initiatives for the Nok Airline including technical integration; applications development for; Reservation Systems, e-Commerce, Payment Solutions, ERP, CRM, Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence, Mobile Commerce, Airport Systems, IT infrastructure for country-wide and international routes.

As an IT veteran, Sirinun has pushed the boundary for Nok Airlines to be at the forefront of its industry. Nok Air was the first airline in Thailand to enable the Passbook on iOS6, also the first airline in Asia to have an app for Apple Watch. Nok Air has adopted Business Intelligence since 2007 and moved on to Big Data in early of 2014. This project allows management team to know revenue and cost in real-time via mobile app.

Prior to joining Nok Airlines, Sirinun held various senior-level IT related roles at leading firms, namely Hutchison CAT Wireless and TA Orange. Sirinun holds a Bachelor of Geography Information and Master of Geography Information System from Faculty of Arts, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand.

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