Satoru Endo | Chief Corporate Planning Officer
Peach Aviation

Satoru Endo, Chief Corporate Planning Officer, Peach Aviation

Born in Tokyo Pref., Japan.

Brief Personal History:Joined All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd. in April 1991. Joined A&F Aviation (renamed as Peach Aviation) in April 2011 and is serving in his current role as of April 2017.

Work History:
- April 1991: Joined All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd.
- November 2009: Director, Corporate Affairs Asia Pacific
- December 2010: Director, LCC Joint Venture Project Team
- April 2011: Joined A&F Aviation, Appointed as Vice President, Planning & Special Project (The company name changed to Peach Aviation on May 24, 2011)
- April 2017: Chief Officer, Corporate Planning

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