Sam Sprules | Director

Sam Sprules, Director, AeroProfessional

Sam Sprules, has over 14 years’ experience in aviation recruitment and is currently a Director of AeroProfessional Limited. 

In 2012, Sam decided to join his two former colleagues who in 2004 set out to establish AeroProfessional. His initial mandate as Business Manager at AeroProfessional was to build a team that could deliver to the existing strategies and manage the daily operations. His entrepreneurial spirit drove him to draw up a new list of objectives to establish additional competencies and service offerings to complement existing capabilities. As a result, in 2013, Sam was promoted to the Board of Directors. 

Sam is now responsible for devising and implementing business strategy and coaching the growing AeroProfessional team to deliver key milestones and targets, focusing on catering to the demands of the industry and add value, whether it be for internal or external purposes. 

In the future Sam wants to see AeroProfessional become the partner of choice for airlines and aviation organisations, and provide guidance with their people strategies. The company continues to build a team of professional consultants who are at the heart of the aviation industry, monitoring any changes affecting the industry from a labour or HR aspect, to offer the best possible advice to clients.

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