Sai Yew Yeoh | Head, People Department
AirAsia X Berhad

Sai Yew Yeoh, Head, People Department, AirAsia X Berhad

He had been with the AirAsia Group since 2010. As Head of People, he oversees all human resources deliveries. Yeoh brings with him 18 years of experience gained from different disciplines in Human Resources (HR) in diverse industries, ranging from telecommunications to IT, banking, hospitality, aviation and retail.

During this time, he has managed the implementation of PeopleSoft and SAP HR Management Systems (HRMS) in a previous organisation as well as at AirAsia. Prior to joining AirAsia Group, he was with Genting Resorts Berhad; CSA Sdn Bhd, where he was involved in Business Process Outsourcing; and DiGi Telecommunications Sdn Bhd, where he successfully revamped and simplified the company’s benefits structure.

Yeoh believes in enabling management to achieve organisational objectives through helping employees realise their potential. He also nurtures a culture of commitment to organisational success by streamlining individual performance with that of the company. He holds a Master’s of Business Administration and has spoken at numerous HR conferences across Southeast Asia.


Day One @ 11:40

Panel: The talent gap alert: How are we going to meet the workforce shortage challenge

The rising demand for air travel in the Asia Pacific region will drive commercial airlines to grow their regional fleets from 5,600 to more than 14,000 over the next 20 years. We will need more new technicians to maintain these aircraft, more pilots to fly them and more ground operations staff to serve the passengers.
  • Where will we find these people? How do we attract them? How do we develop them?
  • What do we need to do to ensure that enough talent with the prerequisite skills get into the labour market?
  • Addressing quantity and quality gap: How to arrive at a strategic challenge? How do we prepare for this challenge?
  • Best-in-class practice: Who’s doing it right and who’s thinking ahead?

Day One @ 14:40

Full engagement! How to inspire, motivate and bring out the best in your employees

As the industry rapidly scales, high employee engagement has never been more important to ensuring the organisation’s ability to change the world.
Join us to hear insights on how airlines can engage the workforce comprising mostly of pilots and cabin crews who are always on the go, and how we can retain them, otherwise they will soon be gone to competitors as the industry is facing a talent shortage.
  • Your definition of employee engagement
  • Managing a multicultural workforce: Dos and Don'ts
  • Baby Boomers, Gen X, and Millennials: How to appeal to each group and bridge the generation gaps? But, are there gaps or complements? What are the new approaches to different generations in the workforce?
  • A forward-thinking strategy to redefine how we approach employee engagement

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