Sainursalwa Sani | Head, Strategic Human Capital Mgmt
Malaysia Airlines Berhad

Sainursalwa Sani, Head, Strategic Human Capital Mgmt, Malaysia Airlines Berhad

With 18 years of successful professional experience in Human Resources, Project Management and Strategic Planning specifically in Government-Linked Companies and Government agencies, Sainursalwa Sani (“Salwa”) –  Head, Strategic Human Capital Management of Malaysia Airlines believes in developing and growing talents. It is acquired through practice and experience. Salwa practices her belief in participating as a frequent speaker, panel member for various conference and play a role as “Principal” for MAG Management Trainees Programme. Salwa was involved in PEMANDU (“Performance Management and Delivery Unit under Prime Minister’s Department”)’s MOE Transformation as a Lab Member. 

Salwa is currently in-charge of the overall strategic human capital management’s initiatives and activities for entire Malaysia Aviation Group (MAG); which comprise of Malaysia Airlines Berhad, MABKargo, Firefly, MASWings and AeroDArat Services. 


Day One @ 11:40

Panel: The talent gap alert: How are we going to meet the workforce shortage challenge

The rising demand for air travel in the Asia Pacific region will drive commercial airlines to grow their regional fleets from 5,600 to more than 14,000 over the next 20 years. We will need more new technicians to maintain these aircraft, more pilots to fly them and more ground operations staff to serve the passengers.
  • Where will we find these people? How do we attract them? How do we develop them?
  • What do we need to do to ensure that enough talent with the prerequisite skills get into the labour market?
  • Addressing quantity and quality gap: How to arrive at a strategic challenge? How do we prepare for this challenge?
  • Best-in-class practice: Who’s doing it right and who’s thinking ahead?

Day One @ 13:40

Developing your leadership pipeline

  • How to set up a succession management system that will build a steady, reliable pipeline of leadership talent?
  • What are the skills required for today’s airline/airport senior management positions?
  • How to build an educational system that can help managers develop those skills?
  • It’s not just about training: How to pair classroom training with real-life exposure to a variety of jobs and leadership styles? How to develop these action-learning programmes?
  • How to get managers to actively engage in their own leadership development? How to get them see a big picture and the road ahead? How to make succession planning systems transparent?

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