Ron Chapman | President
AS-IP Tech

Ron Chapman, President, AS-IP Tech

With over 2 decades of experience and worlds first in connecting passengers and crew inflight, Ron has been at the forefront of aircraft satellite connectivity and has created the world’s first Micro Satellite Bluetooth in-flight connectivity platform designed specifically for LCC’s.

  • Originally educated in accounting, held senior executive positons with Sanyo Electronics and the Australasian Learjet, Saab and Fairchild aircraft franchises. During this 14-year period was educated in manufacturing, engineering, customer support and marketing and in 1983 commenced development of his own aircraft products. 
  • In the 80’s created the original Securaplane, which became the number one selling aircraft security system globally. 
  • In the 90’s developed the world’s first monitored aircraft security, surveillance and communication system launched on a corporate Boeing 737. Developed the first certified Cabin Crew Satellite Data Link for Qantas, which was installed on a fleet of 31 Boeing aircraft and was also selected by Swiss Airlines. The system designated ACAMS is recognized by the airline industry as a world’s first. Qualified as an approved subcontractor with Deutche Airbus for the A340 and Ilyushin for the IL96M. Launched with CMC Electronics the ASI-9000 program, a digital video server infotainment system on Air Europe and Hawaiian Airlines and for COMSAT developed a satellite news service. 
  • In the 2000’s created the ASiQnet connectivity program, which was selected by the AirTV consortium and installed on Alitalia and Saudi Airlines. Selected by Stratos Global for the Swiss and Austrian inseat texting platforms. Developed the G3CARS program, a new generation aircraft electronic log book application for Airone in Italy. 
  • In 2010 launched BizjetMobile, a global connectivity solution for PAX and Crew using the latest Bluetooth technology connecting via Iridium satellites. 
  • In 2016 released fflya a worlds first Bluetooth Smart PAX and Crew connectivity solution for airlines. 


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Micro satellite technology: The solution for ancillary revenue generation and passenger connectivity for LCC’s

By mid 2018 the first new Low Earth Orbit Satellites will come online and be accessible with the latest Micro Satellite Technology.
Find out how the latest micro-satellite technology can provide free passenger communications and create new revenue opportunities from live in-flight bookings and micro-retailing.
See the micro technology that makes all this possible and learn how to leverage off your captive cashed up market.


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