Ralf Cabos | Chairman

Ralf Cabos, Chairman, PaxLife

Ralf graduated in Systems Engineering and Physics and has over 30 years of experience in aviation technology, most notably, 16 years with Lufthansa Group developing their global airline flight preparation program. In 2007, he founded Flight Focus Pte. Ltd, which established the first independent avionics design team in South East Asia and pioneered real-time and connected cockpit applications to over 100 aircraft with electronic flight bag and fuel management solutions. Later in 2014, he founded Pacific Avionics Pte. Ltd, which was engaged in the manufacturing of an advanced WiFi-Inflight Entertainment hardware that was the world’s first solution to stream video content with 100% passenger take-up. Within that same year it was sold to Rockwell Collins.

Also founding his new venture PaxLife in 2014, he is dedicated to bringing managed Wireless IFE to the market, giving airlines an unparalleled service by providing the hardware, Content, and Advertising network, with a focus on additional ancillary revenue up-in-the-air. Today as Group Chairman of PaxLife, Ralf is responsible for shaping the vision of the managed Wireless IFE service for airlines and passengers on a global scale.

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