Rahul Bhatkoti | Head - Airport Operations
Regent Airways | Bangladesh

Rahul Bhatkoti, Head - Airport Operations, Regent Airways

Rahul is Head of Airport Operations for Regent Airways and supervises airport operations for six countries in Asia region. It includes the ground handling operations, liaison with government agencies and regulatory bodies along with the airport authorities. He has been responsible for the seamless integration, up gradation and on-time performance benchmarks being achieved consistently and consciously for teams that have worked collaboratively across diverse nationalities, geographical boundaries and cultural contexts. 

Rahul has worked his way into the top echelons of aviation leadership by learning the ropes from working in different departments and at different posts to be able to develop a birds eye view of the internal working as well as developing the vision as to what works and what doesn’t into aviation. 

With more than two decades of experience in the aviation industry in India, with both Legacy and Low Cost Carriers, spearheading teams into well-knit coordination units that uphold the highest of professional standards in the toughest of work conditions has been his forte. 

This has been possible by ensuring development of competencies and trustworthiness in employees which coupled with thoughtful technology assimilation has ensured accomplishments of all KPAs set for the organisations led by him. 

A sincere believer in People power the core strength he has managed to infuse into people led by him comes from the belief that people matter .Where they are most important as customers as they bring in the big bucks they are equally important as employees as they are the engines of growth. 
 pet-lover and travel enthusiast, he loves to drive when he is away, from driving organisations and teams. One never to shy away from the road less travelled.

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