Quynh Thai Le | Senior Associate Director
Changi Airports International

Quynh Thai Le, Senior Associate Director, Changi Airports International

Quynh Thai Le is Associate Director for Consultancy CAC, with several years of experience in economic analysis and forecasting.  

In CAC, Ms. Le has played an active role in various airport investment and consultancy projects.  She has been responsible for traffic and cargo forecast for airports in India, France and Brazil.  She has also built macroeconomic models for Brazil and Russia in order to assess the impact of the overall economy and political situations on investment decisions.

Previously, Ms. Le was the Macroeconomist at the APEC Secretariat where she led the engagement with APEC governments on macroeconomic and finance policies. She initiated the APEC Economic Trends Analysis reports which became APEC's flagship publication. She also contributed to the development of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank through her research papers and discussions with officials at APEC Finance Ministers’ Meetings.

Prior to that, Ms. Le worked as a Macroeconomist at the New Zealand Treasury where she was responsible for undertaking analysis and quantitative research related to macroeconomic issues relevant to the New Zealand economy. She also spent a few years in Latin America working for Macroeconomic and Finance Consultancy firms doing risk analysis for selected countries in Latin America.

Ms. Le has a Masters Degree in Economics from ILADES/Georgetown University (Chile/USA), where she graduated Summa Cum Lauda. She also has a Bachelor of Business Degree in Economics from Massey University in New Zealand and was the winner of a number of prizes during her under-graduate years, including 'Massey Scholar’.


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