Nik Laming | General Manager of Loyalty
Cebu Pacific Air

Nik Laming, General Manager of Loyalty, Cebu Pacific Air

Nik is based in Manila after joining Cebu Pacific to lead the set up and management of a loyalty program for the airline. The result being GetGo, the newest lifestyle rewards program in the Philippines. The program is new generation with innovative features and benefits, continuing to grow strongly with new members and partners.

Previously Nik was in Singapore, responsible for Aimia’s services in Asia - Singapore, Malaysia, Japan and Hong Kong. Nik has been an active consultant, practitioner and a regular speaker on CRM and loyalty programmes for fifteen years. He has worked with companies in the energy, airline, CPG, retail and payment card industries.

Originally from London, Nik has worked in Europe, Middle East and across Asia Pacific and is an incentive, retention and loyalty marketing specialist with broad experience in a variety of disciplines including RM and loyalty strategy and implementation, data planning and analysis, digital marketing, systems development, call centre management and creative development.


Day Two @ 11:30

Where do we go from here? Designing next-generation loyalty programmes

As many consumers are struggling to save up enough points to redeem for a free ticket, any sort of redemption option is perceived as positive. Already we’ve seen airlines are increasingly interested in driving customers to spend more miles on ancillary point-related products rather than award bookings, effectively freeing up those seats for revenue purchases. What are the other new trends starting to surface?
Join us to explore new ways to use frequent flyer miles to make customers happy and boost revenue in the same move

Day Two @ 12:00

Panel: Shaping the future of loyalty

Traditional loyalty has been about earning points for travel, but what are different ways that we can take care of our customers? Join us to explore challenges airline marketers are facing and how you can make smarter decisions to develop a deeper relationship with your passengers.
  • Loyalty programmes: Is it an outdated business model in a world of real-time choices? What are the trends and challenges that are disrupting loyalty?
  • Loyalty programmes for disloyal customers: Is there a loyalty case for infrequent travellers?
  • The challenges of building and nurturing direct customer relationship
  • New and creative ways to offer passengers a range of rewards that continue to be relevant to them across their different life stages, whether they regularly fly or not
  • Data and analytics: How to make best use of the information we have to deliver the most valuable loyalty programme?
  • Exciting marketing vehicles to engage customers – From traditional social media platforms to a whole new gateway of messaging platforms
  • How do we respond to the widely-held notion that customer loyalty is dead and it’s all about price?

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