Narudh Cheramakara | Director of Market Development
Nok Air

Narudh Cheramakara, Director of Market Development, Nok Air

Dr. Narudh Cheramakara receives an air transport doctorate from Loughborough University, UK specialising in aviation economics. He has been a life-long aviation enthusiast with extensive experience in the field of aviation. As the head of Nok Air's market development department overseeing research, strategic planning and route network development along with the development of customer journey experience. 

In academia, Dr. Narudh have been appointed as adjunct professor of air transport at various universities in Thailand where he has been publishing researches in the areas of airport competition, environmental impact of aviation and valuation of aviation externalities. He also appears in a number of printed media and radio giving expert-opinion on the state of the aviation industry. As an aviation enthusiast, he enjoys flying around the world. He has flown on 156 airlines to 235 airports in 88 countries.

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