Narendra Mansukhani | Head of Guest Experience
Jet Airways

Narendra Mansukhani, Head of Guest Experience, Jet Airways

An adaptable and strategic Business Transformation leader with proven track record in developing and implementing guest service solutions, providing support and designing optimal performance management tools for highly skilled and specialized teams. I combine strong leadership and communication skills and am highly successful in building team cohesion and commitment during periods of intense organization and market change. My current role encompasses an oversight over the entire customer experience journey, from pre-flight, through the ground and on board service strategy and post-flight, including customer relations and product development.


Day One @ 15:00

Panel: The next wave of IFEC

It is forecast that by 2025, there will be around 15,000 aircraft connected. Also, there will be an explosion of bandwidth coming online. But, what does it mean for the airline industry from both operational and passenger experience perspectives. In this panel, we get predictions from the industry’s top executives about where IFEC will be in 10 years time. Also, what will be the future tech to drive this change.
  • Understanding what your passengers want
  • The sky’s the limit: Exploring the potential of online shopping, real-time social-media updates, email access, dozens of ‘live’ TV channels, virtual reality and even tele-medicine
  • Artificial intelligence, virtual reality and deep learning: How will these disruptive innovations change the existing IFEC practices, processes and systems?
  • Commercial benefits vs. costly and time-consuming rollout process
  • How to turn an IFEC service that is likely to become the minimum value proposition expected by customers, into a market differentiation and revenue making opportunity for airlines
  • Towards an extended experience: New ideas for the customer to take the IFEC experience home with them

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