Michael Peters | Vice President of Product Management
Revenue Management Systems

Michael Peters, Vice President of Product Management, Revenue Management Systems

Michael Peters is the VP of Product Management for Revenue Management Systems (RMS), an Accelya Company. Since joining the company 7 years ago, he has guided the design of the company’s flagship product – airRM, making it the most popular revenue management system for LCCs around the globe. With the rapid adoption of airRM over the last decade, RMS is now the second largest vendor of sophisticated airline revenue management systems in the world.

Key to airRM’s success has been Michael’s designs for LCC features that are more useful than approaches found in traditional systems. airRM offers multiple methods of controlling inventory so that the best method can be selected for each of the often variety of markets an airline operates in. His most recent innovation was integrating retail, single-seat inventory with wholesale inventory allowing for the optimization of both traffic pools together.

Prior to joining RMS, Michael was an active revenue management leader having held several management positions in Air France/KLM’s fully owned subsidiary Transavia Airlines. Michael graduated from Amsterdam University with a degree in Engineering, Transportation and Logistics.


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Revenue management: Be careful not to be Penny-Wise, Pound-Foolish

  • Defining the relevance of total revenue management including ancillary sales
  • Understand if your revenue management department require academics or entrepreneurs 
  • A radical change of revenue management is on the horizon; the next game-changer

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