Michael Barrera | Chief Product Officer
Radixx International

Michael Barrera, Chief Product Officer, Radixx International

Michael Barrera has collaborated on projects with the likes of Microsoft and IBM. He began his career working for the US Department of Commerce in the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) where he helped develop leading edge environmental monitoring applications still in use today. Subsequently, he worked as a consultant in the cruise line industry, bringing some of the first client server, PC based applications to this industry. In 1994, he joined Ultimate Software Group (NASDAQ: ULTI). Michael was instrumental in the architecture, management, and development of Ultimate Software’s new Windows based software platform. Michael was promoted to the position of Vice President of IT/CIO shortly after the IPO, managing a large nationwide operation. He joined Radixx in 2005 as Senior Vice President of Technology. He took on the role of Chief Technology Officer for Radixx in 2014 and was promoted to Chief Product Officer in 2018.


Day One @ 12:00

The quest for growth: How airlines can become better retailers

  • What it means for an airline to become a retailer in digital age?
  • Developing a retailing strategy that brings together five critical elements – customer journey, technique, channel, service, and price
  • Changing the mindset: Acting like data, technology and innovation company that sells air tickets 
  • The human and technical challenges 

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