Marc Cavaliere | Chief Commercial Officer
Fiji Airways

Marc Cavaliere, Chief Commercial Officer, Fiji Airways

In his role at Fiji Airways, Marc Cavaliere is responsible for all sales channels, all marketing activities, global alliances and related commercial functions. His background includes thirty-seven years of airline industry experience, with extensive international expatriate assignments, leading airlines in various regions of the world as well as the US. Cavaliere’s areas of concentration covers commercial strategy, marketing, sales management, e-commerce, distribution, and collaborative tourism development. His background has a strong emphasis in airline global alliances, strategic partnerships and virtual network optimization with a focus on expanding partner-carrier networks and maximizing revenue opportunities. Cavaliere served as board member on the Star Alliance Airline Management Board for five years, and as Chairman for two years. Cavaliere has held senior management positions with South African Airways, Spirit Airlines, American Airlines and Pan Am.


Day One @ 11:40

CMO insights: What makes a winning global marketing strategy?

A clearly defined marketing strategy is pivotal to acquiring and retaining customers. Join aviation marketing leaders at this session as they uncover the secrets to their marketing success.

11:20-11:30: Interview 1
​11:30-11:40: Interview 2
​11:40-11:50: Interview 3

11:50-12:30: Panel
  • Is it digital or nothing? How is the game changing in aviation marketing?
  • Chatbots, automation and AI: How are these technologies changing the way we do marketing?
  • How much of a role should external agencies play in your marketing strategy?
  • With the customer journey becoming increasingly complex and touching many marketing channels, how can you identify the best way to spend your budget?
  • Just how important are analytics and big data in a successful marketing strategy?
  • How do you make your marketing campaign stand out when you are faced with more competition than ever before?
  • What do you believe is the most important factor in building a global marketing strategy?

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