Les Stephens | Chief Operating Officer
Jetstar Pacific

Les Stephens, Chief Operating Officer, Jetstar Pacific

Started in aviation as a pilot (First Officer on EMB-110) in 1988 in the USA and then moved through the pilot ranks to Captain and Instructor/training pilot/fleet captain/program manager and then various flight operations management positions – eventually Manager of Operations. Moved to Director Safety Security and Compliance in 2008. In 2010 was asked by my then company to come to Vietnam to startup an airline for them along with Vietnamese Investors (Air Mekong). At Air Mekong I was COO and accountable manager 2010-2013 . After airline suspended operations - moved to Jetstar Pacific as Head of Safety for 8 months and then to COO position from August 2014 until present.


Day Two @ 14:00

Panel: Southeast Asia outlook: How to reaccelerate the network growth

Southeast Asia is a region with enormous growth potential but a challenging market for airlines given the intense competition and overcapacity concerns. How to compete – or is it time to reinvent the business models to reaccelerate the network growth?
  • Managing capacity: How to achieve sustainable growth, given the region’s huge order book and temptation by some airlines to continue or resume strategic expansion
  • Which are the markets Southeast Asian LCCs will target for growth?
  • What is the role of airports in facilitate more traffic?
  • The challenge of cooperation: Partnering is not always easy and the costs versus benefits may initially look unattractive. What are the trends in partnerships (airlines and airlines, airlines and airports) and how to make it work to secure the market share?

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