Kemal Yuksek | Turkish Aviation Academy President
Turkish Airlines

Kemal Yuksek, Turkish Aviation Academy President, Turkish Airlines

Prof. Dr. Kemal YÜKSEK received his Bachelor's degree from the Department of Mathematics Engineering at Istanbul Technical University in 1990,   his Master's degree from the Department of Computer Engineering at Istanbul Technical University in 1993 and his PhD in Applied Mathematics from Yildiz Technical University in 1998. In 2005, he conducted researches on the topics of Virtual Reality and Digital Topology at the University of Missouri. He worked as the Information Technologies Manager in YESA Group and as a Consultant of ERP Software Development in Dizayn Group. He also participated in the projects of Developing Health Automation Software in GATA Military Hospital. He continued his academic studies in Computer Engineering Department at Istanbul Kultur University where he worked between the years of 2000-2012 in the capacity of Vice Chairman. He started working in Turkish Airlines Inc. where he carried out the software development feasibility study on passenger systems.  In 2013, he was appointed as the  Training Director of Turkish Aviation Academy, a position he still holds.


Day One @ 11:20

New training methods to tackle human factors

  • Main human factors currently facing the aviation industry
  • How to minimise negative and poor human factors in training and learning process
  • How are training courses keeping up-to-date as practices and technologies evolve?
  • Defining new training methods (including choices of instructors, instruction style, instructional techniques, and technologies to be adopted)

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