Juha Järvinen | Chief Commercial Officer

Juha Järvinen, Chief Commercial Officer, Finnair

Juha has 17 years aviation experience with positions in passenger commercial operations, airport operations, customer fulfillment centre services as well as cargo. After 14 years with Scandinavian SAS Group in London, Helsinki, Tallinn and Stockholm, he managed the Finnair Cargo subsidiary as Managing Director during 2012-2014, with focus on re-positioning the cargo unit for future growth and toughening market environment. Since October 2014, he took over as Chief Commercial Officer for Finnair, with responsibility for airline's commercial functions, cargo, tour operator and travel agency units. Juha is Finnish national with British BA Honours and Austrian MBA degrees.

Finnair is one of the world’s oldest operating airlines. We are proud to offer the fastest and most convenient gateway between Europe and Asia, via Helsinki. We operate one of the youngest and most eco-efficient fleets and are a member of the oneworld alliance. As a forerunner in quality and regularity, we will get you to places punctually. Finnair is able to offer the shortest and fastest flight connections between Europe and Asia due to the geographical location of Helsinki on the great circle route between the continents. Taking the short route via the uncongested Helsinki-Vantaa airport represents an environmentally positive choice.


Day One @ 12:00

Panel: Alliances, partnerships & JVs: Opportunities and challenges of cooperation

To attract every passenger in highly competitive markets, FSCs and LCCs are having to learn how to cooperate with each other across many new platforms and in new ways. Three global alliances are also looking at incorporating LCCs. However cooperating is not always easy and the costs versus benefits may initially look unattractive.
  • What do LCC alliances mean for FSCs and other travel partners? What are plans for deeper co-operation in strategy in the future?
  • LCCs joining global alliances: Are there enough benefits for both new and existing members, especially FSCs?
  • What are the other evolving forms of partnership? What is the future for cross-border JVs? 

Day Two @ 11:30

Cabin visions, innovative interior designs and how the passenger experience will change

Producing the aircraft interiors is a costly business. Most airlines want distinctive products – something different that carry their brands and create unique experience. Plus, passengers always want more leg room and extra comfort, but are usually not prepared to pay any more money for them—or at least not a lot more. In this context, how will cabin interiors evolve to help solve the challenges of costs vs. experience vs. profitability?
  • What has become the standard in the each class cabin? What’s next? Will we see more suites in the sky, more accommodation-like business cabin and denser economy seats? Or are things changing? What about premium economy?
  • A more flexible approach: How can we tailor cabin seating to more individual needs?
  • Besides the seats, what are the other impacts can cabin design create on the passenger experience?
  • What it will be like inside an airliner of the future?

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