Joni Sundelin | Senior Vice President, Airport Network & Marketing
Finavia Corporation

Joni Sundelin, Senior Vice President, Airport Network & Marketing, Finavia Corporation

Mr. Joni Sundelin, M.Sc.(Econ), has worked at Finavia as the Senior Vice President, Director of airport network, Sales & Marketing and Ground Handling business since 2012. His main competences are to restructure & develop businesses and working structures, to build up new business models in the customer interface both in b-b and b-c business environment, service business management and development in general. These competences are complemented from the vast experiences in executing mergers and acquisitions, creating joint ventures and other modes of collaboration. Further to these, internationalizing of service businesses could be described as one of the core experiences, both organic and nonorganic.           

Prior to his appointment at Finavia he worked in various business director responsibilities both in the Logistics Business and in pharmaceutical distribution and wholesaling in Finland and other northern European countries . His training comprises M:Sc. in Economics and Management & Leadership courses at IMD. Joni Sundelin has served in various positions of trust. Currently he acts as a Board Member of Finavia Group companies.

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