John Aitken | Head of Asia Pacific Product

John Aitken, Head of Asia Pacific Product, Navitaire

John leads Navitaire’s regional product team, supporting the company’s product direction tailored to the Asia-Pacific market. 

John brings more than 15 years of experience working with Navitaire products as well as with or for Navitaire clients. Over this period, he has experienced the transformation of a number of LCC airlines and witnessed how Navitaire PSS solutions that have helped spur and support their growth and development. Many of these clients have become market leaders in the region and the world. 

In his role at Navitaire, John works with clients across the region.. Using this insight and experience, he has helped shape the Navitaire reservations platform to support advanced capabilities to power the diverse landscape of business models, including new entrants, high growth hybrids, plus new subsidiary and JV carriers. 

John holds a degree in Law from the University of Canterbury and a MBA from Auckland University.

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