Herve Gueusquin | Chief Executive Officer
SAGA - Sahel And Gulf Airlines

Herve Gueusquin, Chief Executive Officer, SAGA - Sahel And Gulf Airlines

​Hervé specializes in airline start-ups and is acting as CEO for a SAGA - Sahel And Gulf Airlines, an African start-up airline in Chad looking at connecting flights between Europe and Asia via Africa.

He is also the owner and CEO of Air Business Consultants, a consulting company in France and Chad.

With more than 27 years in the Airline Business, Hervé has held several managerial positions within GHA and airlines such as Air UK, KLM, Northwest Airlines and Air France.

He is a lecturer for Specialized Air Transport and Airline Management Masters at ENAC, the French Civil Aviation University in Toulouse.

He is a registered IATA external instructor for Emergency Response, Safety Management System and Station Ground Handling Management courses. As an IATA consultant, he is providing counsel and practical solutions to Airline and Ground Handling Senior Management. He is an ISAGO auditor. Hervé has been chairing several International Airside, Ground Damage events and Ground Handling conferences in Spain, Ireland, Belgium, Italy, South Africa and Rwanda.


Airline University - Day One @ 11:00

Creating a start-up airline

Everybody's dream to create an airline. What are the pitfalls? What are the steps? Where to get the fundings?

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