George Liu | Chief Marketing Officer
Hong Kong Airlines

George Liu, Chief Marketing Officer, Hong Kong Airlines

George Liu oversees all aspects of branding, communications, and customer experience activities at Hong Kong Airlines and plays an instrumental role in positioning the airline from a regional to an international carrier. 

Mr Liu previously served as the Director, Airline Global Brand & Marketing at Boeing Commercial Airplanes, based in the United States where he managed strategic partnerships with customer airlines in their global brand promotion and international route launches. Prior to that, he was Vice President of Communications at Boeing China.  

Mr Liu also held various senior management positions with renowned agencies, and represented the Government of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region in the U.S., by working closely with Washington DC-based think tanks, the U.S. Congress and the media to build advocates.  

Mr Liu holds a Master of Arts degree in sociology from the Ohio University, and studied in the Ph.D. program in crisis management at George Mason University.


Day One @ 11:20

CMO insights: What makes a winning global marketing strategy?

A clearly defined marketing strategy is pivotal to acquiring and retaining customers. Join aviation marketing leaders at this session as they uncover the secrets to their marketing success.

11:20-11:30: Interview 1
​11:30-11:40: Interview 2
​11:40-11:50: Interview 3
11:50-12:00: Interview 4

12:00-12:40: Panel
  • Is it digital or nothing? How is the game changing in aviation marketing?
  • Chatbots, automation and AI: How are these technologies changing the way we do marketing?
  • How much of a role should external agencies play in your marketing strategy?
  • With the customer journey becoming increasingly complex and touching many marketing channels, how can you identify the best way to spend your budget?
  • Just how important are analytics and big data in a successful marketing strategy?
  • How do you make your marketing campaign stand out when you are faced with more competition than ever before?
  • What do you believe is the most important factor in building a global marketing strategy?

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