George Khairallah | President
JR Technologies

George Khairallah, President, JR Technologies

With more than 20 years in the travel industry, George has initiated many successful initiatives within the travel agency and the private jet distribution arenas. An adept of selling air transportation on value rather than price alone he was involved in IATA’s NDC from its early days. A visionary with a strong business sense, his experience in all aspects of air transportation industry serves to maintain the technology leadership of JR Technologies.


Day One @ 14:00

Dynamic pricing and new opportunities for revenue generation

  • Understand how dynamic pricing is a key to customer-centric distribution
  • Roadmap to true dynamic pricing: What are the blocking elements and how to remove them?
  • How to deal with challenges like old industry standards in pricing
  • Data analytics and price optimisation strategies to capture customers with a low willingness to pay

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