Eve Liebetrau | Executive Manager of Human Resources

Eve Liebetrau, Executive Manager of Human Resources, Comair

Eve Liebetrau joined Comair in 1994 and has acquired significant experience in both the aviation and human resources field. She has held several positions in the company including: Training Manager Cabin Services, Manager Cabin Services and Executive Manager Human Resources.

As a member of Comair's Executive team, Eve holds overall responsibility for the company's people strategy and implementation.


Day One @ 14:00

Panel: Building capability: Towards an effective training and development programme

  • Understanding what skills are needed for the next-gen workforce, and how they prefer to work and excel
  • Structuring development programmes to nurture home-grown leaders
  • Getting to know the talent outside the aviation industry, especially for skills around social, mobile, analytics, cloud and retail?
  • Which forms of training and development do we have to think about to sustain a talent pipeline? Where does that require changing our mindsets?

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