Christian Hylander | Advisor Vice President, Airline Vertical

Christian Hylander, Advisor Vice President, Airline Vertical, Mastercard

Christian Hylander, Mastercard Advisor Vice President in charge of the Airline vertical, with a 27 years of Airline background he supports airlines with a 360º commercial transformation based on data insights and Mastercard payment solutions. With the experience from most commercial airline functions he has an excellent understanding of the industry needs and current gaps. His passion for driving commercial excellence is based on a solid understanding of the direction needed, the transformation of customer focused value propositions, competences needed and focus on execution.


Day One @ 15:00

How to be smart with spend data

What if you knew exactly your share of wallet in a specific location by source market? What if you could identify the customers with the highest potential to upgrade? What if you could predict where they are most likely to travel next?... Spend Data dramatically enriches your knowledge of customers and prospects behavior, with a full 360-degree view of the traveler journey. Mastercard Advisors help Travel companies to drive growth beyond payment by turning insights into profit, leveraging real-time purchase behavior of more than 2 billion Mastercard cardholders around the world.

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