Chris Armstrong | Regional Director, Asia

Chris Armstrong, Regional Director, Asia, HappyOrNot

As the APAC Director of HappyOrNot, Chris Armstrong is responsible for increasing happiness for more than half the world's population. HappyOrNot® is the global leader in instant customer and employee satisfaction reporting, thanks to its powerful yet simple SaaS solution and highly flexible data collection, made possible via the renowned 4 Smileys. Over 170 airports and airlines, including Heathrow, AENA, AAI, Incheon Airport, Emirates and Etihad, collect data with HappyOrNot every day.

Chris joined HappyOrNot with almost 20 years Sales and Marketing experience with both startups and large corporations such as Fujitsu and Tableau. With a background in data and analytics and over 6 years experience in Asia, Chris is quickly growing both our APAC business and team. With 21 existing airport clients in the region and many more in the pipeline, he is extremely excited about the future.


Day One @ 11:19


Day One @ 11:40

Panel: Creating a seamless on-the-ground experience

This session looks at ways airports and airlines can build more reliable paths to true passenger personalisation, reinforce brand, build strong customer relationships, empower front-line personnel, tools and technologies to respond appropriately to customer needs, and raise purchase rates of ancillary and a-la-carte products and services.
  • Mapping out the end-to-end passenger experience: What areas do we need to focus on most? What areas do we focus on next? How can airlines and airports better collaborate?
  • Deploying beacons, wearables, VR and other automated technologies: How to make them work? What are the capability gaps we are facing? What steps to take now to achieve a seamless ground experience?
  • What emerging tools do you see having a big impact on the ground experience?
  • Converting captured data to capital: What are the opportunities for ancillary revenues?
  • What can we learn from other industries (e.g. hospitality, logistics and gaming) to translate experience into loyalty and increase repeat business?
  • Who is doing it right? Which strategies work best and how they would further improve?

Day One @ 13:39


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