Chin Leong Teo | Director and Head, Traffic Development & Market Analysis
Changi Airports International

Chin Leong Teo, Director and Head, Traffic Development & Market Analysis, Changi Airports International

Mr. Teo Chin Leong is Director at CAI. He brings to the team extensive experience in traffic development.

Mr. Teo joined the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) in 2003 and was posted to the Airport Transport Division. From 2003 to 2007, his work scope included traffic development, marketing and promotion, incentive schemes, account management, policy matters and traffic rights negotiations at Changi Airport. He was part of the team that brought in 17 new airlines to Changi Airport from 2003 to 2005. 

Mr. Teo joined CAI in 2008, and was posted to Dammam, Saudi Arabia for 2 years as General Manager Traffic Development. Mr. Teo led the traffic development team at Dammam, bringing in more than 8 new airlines over 2 years, a net increase in airline count of 25%. Mr. Teo’s traffic development expertise has been recognised internationally. Dammam won 2 traffic development accolades during his tenure:

  • 2010 winner of the Middle East Category, Routes Airport Marketing Awards – Asia region, at the 8th Routes Asia Conference, for excellent airline marketing
  • Honourable Mention by IATA at the 2010 Eagle Awards Ceremony at the 66th IATA Annual General Meeting, for improvements in products to airlines
Mr. Teo had been back at CAI headquarters in Singapore since December 2010, holding primary responsibilities across 3 departments, namely Consultancy, Business Development and Strategy. He is involved in various consultancy projects in Asia, Europe and South America, devising network strategies and airport positioning, and effecting traffic growth at airports he worked on. He has assessed over 20 airports as part of investment due diligence. He currently heads the traffic development consultancy vertical at CAI.

Mr. Teo is a CAAS Overseas Scholarship recipient. He holds a B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering with Summa Cum Laude from Cornell University. He graduated top of his cohort (GPA 4.0) in Cornell University with 2 awards, the Sibley Prize and the Frank O’ Ellenwood Prize. He went on to obtain a M.Sc. in Management (GPA 3.87) from Stanford University. He had passed all 3 levels of the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) examinations. He is effectively bilingual in both English and Chinese.


Day Two @ 15:20

Panel: Northeast Asia outlook: How to thrive in an increasingly complex, competitive and interconnected market

Northeast Asia continues to drive growth large in size and complexity, with future implications inside and outside the region. Join us to explore in depth the key strategic and commercial issues driving the future of LCCs in this region.
  • The LCC operational model is clear, but the market environment in Northeast Asia is increasingly complex, competitive and interconnected: What lies ahead for LCCs in the region?
  • What are the growth potentials? What operational and regulatory hurdles will we continue to face?
  • Countries like China, Japan and Korea see up to five home grown LCCs competing in a single market. Would there be consolidation, more new carriers, or development of more alliances?
  • Challenges and opportunities for foreign LCCs flying into Northeast Asia?
  • What will the airline industry look like in Northeast Asia in 5 and 10 years? Who will be the big winners?

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