Chamara Perera | Head of Information Technology / CIO
Srilankan Airlines

Chamara Perera, Head of Information Technology / CIO, Srilankan Airlines

Professionally qualified goal oriented visionary leader in Aviation IT who has mastered Airline technology, information systems and IT governance with over 16 years of continuous work experience in holding key IT positions in the airline. Influential leader in ICT with unique blend of competencies in strategic IT planning, developing and implementing state-of-the-art ICT solutions to transform business for growth. Demonstrated experience in effective management of IT Budget, global operations of IT and Telecommunication Infrastructure with wide range of business-critical information systems and solution integrations. Inspirational strong leader who mobilizes and empowers a dynamic and agile team of over 100 multi skilled staff with the courage to develop and achieve individual goals in alignment with the organizational vision, strategy and values.


Day One @ 11:20

CIO Insights

The whole tech industry is changing at a phenomenal pace right now. Airlines and airports obviously need to do the same to accelerate a lot of what we are doing. This is driving CIOs to enable a faster transformation within the company.
We invite leading CIOs to share insights on what impact the digital revolution will continue to have in the airline industry, how to move fast and think big.

11:20-11:30: Interview 1
11:30-11:40: Interview 2
11:40-11:50: Interview 3
11:50-12:00: Interview 4
Panel: Digitising the airline business
  • How much should airlines digitise their business? What’s at stake if we don’t?
  • If the benefits of digitising the airline business are clear, how should we execute it? What are the holdbacks? What are the key areas we need to focus on?
  • Overcoming legacy systems and legacy mindsets
  • What are the tech trends that we can tap on to make a big difference? How to balance innovation versus budgeting?
  • What will be the travel’s next big things? How should we prepare for the next disruptons coming from new emerging technologies, such as AI, robotics, IoT?

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