Andrea Giuricin | Adjunct Professor
University Of Milano - Bicocca

Andrea Giuricin, Adjunct Professor, University Of Milano - Bicocca

Prof. Dr. Andrea Giuricin is CEO of TRA consulting, a strategic consultancy company based in Barcelona, Milan and Brussels.

He is adj. professor in Transport Management at University Milano Bicocca in Italy and he is adj. professor in Marketing Management at University of Minnesota and at Michigan State University and University Southern California. He is also visiting professor at China Academy of Railways Sciences working on the intermodality within HSR and air.

He is working directly with airlines from Latin America, Middle East and Europe, analyzing the evolution of the market and the customer needs.

He is principal advisor for the merger of two Italian airlines companies directly for the CEO of the buyer.

Andrea Giuricin cooperates with several Transport Authorities and with the European Commission.

The analysis made by Prof. Andrea Giuricin where quoted on Xinhua, Wall Street Journal, Reuters, Bloomberg and all the global media. He is a strong influencer of the aviation industry.

He is keynote speaker and chairman in many worldwide events (Johannesburg, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Istanbul, Tokyo, Miami, Los Angeles, Rome, London, etc) for different field (Transport, TLC, etc.)

He published several books and analysis on transport field quoted on TV and newspaper all around the World.

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