Amir Miraj | Senior Airport Manager
Go Air

Amir Miraj, Senior Airport Manager, Go Air

I am an MBA in Airport Services, having 15 years of Aviation Experience in India.

Currently I am working as Airport Manager, Go Airlines (I) Ltd., at Srinagar International Airport, Srinagar- India. To expand our services, myself and my team worked on putting in place corporate agreements and our operations in Srinagar boosted our sales target by over 200%. Srinagar was awarded as the Best Airport for the year 2014 for the memorable work done during the devastating floods in the month of September, 6th 2014 as Go Air was the first to operate at Srinagar International Airport as the whole city was drowned. I also received lot of appreciation from the State Government and the NGO's for the work.

I was awarded as Best Airport Manager 2013 for achieving 100% revenue target.


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Find out what are the latest trends in baggage tracking and which technology the industry is investing in as it prepares for a step-change in handling in 2018 and beyond.


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