Ali Al-Hamdany | Chief Executive Officer
Fly Baghdad

Ali Al-Hamdany, Chief Executive Officer, Fly Baghdad

As Chief Executive Officer of Fly Baghdad, Mr. Ali Al Hamdany led the airline through complete re-structure, changing it from charter airline, to become first low cost scheduled airline in Iraq. Prior to Fly Baghdad, Mr. Al Hamdany, was member of the startup team of Air Arabia, and then member of the senior management for nearly 13 years. Before that he worked in UK for world class companies. Mr. Al Hamdany holds B.Sc. in Engineering from Iraq, and two Master degrees from UK in Engineering Design and in Information Technology. In addition to that, he has more than twenty vocational qualifications in leadership, management, and technical subjects.


Day One @ 12:00

Panel: Alliances, partnerships & JVs: Opportunities and challenges of cooperation

To attract every passenger in highly competitive markets, FSCs and LCCs are having to learn how to cooperate with each other across many new platforms and in new ways. Three global alliances are also looking at incorporating LCCs. However cooperating is not always easy and the costs versus benefits may initially look unattractive.
  • What do LCC alliances mean for FSCs and other travel partners? What are plans for deeper co-operation in strategy in the future?
  • LCCs joining global alliances: Are there enough benefits for both new and existing members, especially FSCs?
  • What are the other evolving forms of partnership? What is the future for cross-border JVs? 

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