Adli Md Dahalan | Senior Manager, IT Division - IT Portfolio Management
Malaysia Airlines

Adli Md Dahalan, Senior Manager, IT Division - IT Portfolio Management, Malaysia Airlines

Adli has over 25 years’ phenomenal experience in spearheading the end to end project management of over 30 major projects across the aviation, information technology, telecommunication as well as oil & gas sectors. He is well versed in developing comprehensive strategies and roadmaps in ensuring projects are delivered within set schedules, budget as well as scopes. He is well recognized as an efficient and thorough professional coupled with exceptional problem solving acumen. Currently he is with Malaysia Airlines as the Program Manager to oversee the full spectrum project management of the IT Flagship Program encompassing all enterprise level strategic IT projects. He works closely with the Management Team in defining the overall strategies and objectives. He collaborates with individual project managers in establishing the goals and plans for each project while monitoring the project progress. He establishes priorities and ensure prudent resource allocation to the project team. He is a champion of an array on improvement initiatives including identifying and streamlining processes, minimize wastages and reduce costs. He develops a formal reporting structure to providing accurate reporting of project progress to the Management.


Day One @ 14:40

How to make cloud work for airlines

Most airlines have plans to enable cloud computing, but very few are there today. Provider and technology choices are growing, but making decisions is more complex. Successful projects need the right focus, goals, services, processes, staffing, technology and roadmaps. Join us to explore the best and bad practices.
  • Why moving to cloud? What are the challenges of private, hybrid and public clouds?
  • The people, process, technological and business management changes necessary to create cloud services
  • Managing the data flows between applications hosted in the private cloud and those in the public cloud
  • Best practices to pursue for successful cloud management

Day Two @ 14:30

Panel: Modernising our IT systems: The coming technology revolution and what we should care

Modernising legacy IT systems could be a different beast from IT leaders’ typical internal system integration effort. You could not screw this up – even the smallest error could result in a drop in ticket sales that the company could not deal with.

As technologies evolve quickly, the blending of the new and old systems would have to go off timely and flawlessly. How can we do this? What new technologies are the hypes and what are the coming reality that we should act fast? How about cyber security? Also, to manage such a transformation, how best should we manage these IT projects?

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