ICTS Europe Systems


ICTS Europe Systems is the subsidiary of the ICTS Europe Group, one of the largest aviation security providers in the world. ICTS’s drive is to deliver innovative solutions to the problems faced by the aviation industry across the entire globe. With processing over 20 millions of passengers monthly, ICTS’s products are recognised as the most technologically advanced and class leading products in the aviation market today.  ICTS developed TravelDoc the most advanced automated document check tool in the market, Smartapp – standalone mobile app for simple and quick check in operation, CPM to meet the TSA requirements and digital token for stand-alone face recognition tedhnology.

Maxworth Electronic Systems Pvt Ltd is ICTS’s strategic partner based in India. After 30 years development, Maxworth becomes the leading system integration service provider in the field of AIDC solutions. Its updated enterprise mobility solutions have brought considerable benefits to a large number of organisations globally.