Flitetec & Flitetrak Ltd


Flitetec design, manufacture, integrate and overhaul cabin interior products and is certified for EASA Part 21 subpart G and EASA Part 145 release. We specialise in vacuum forming, overhauling and producing new meal trays, seat backs, aisle side shrouds, centre console fairings, in arm tray liners, cocktail tables, in fills, bump strips, mirrors, threshold strips, monument & galley floor fitting covers. We also design a range of innovate tablet holders and design and integrate power USB conversions into existing seats, including mounting plates, covers and injection moulded escutcheons.
FliteTrak provide intelligent monitor systems for aerospace, defense, marine and industrial applications.  Its innovative ViatorAero system is underpinned by multi award-winning remote condition monitoring technology. ViatorAero can observe individual seats for temperature, movement, seat back position and seatbelt closure as well as providing extensive cabin environment monitoring capability. It can detect if overhead bins are closed and locked as well as provide the capacity to remotely lock overhead bins (during take-off, landing and turbulence) for safety. Data is also logged for later analysis and can provide useful information to help improve maintenance turnaround times on major components and enhance the flying experience for passengers.